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Where do I go to apply for a second mortgage from your company?

by joann.sweeney-bil... from Jefferson City, Missouri. Jan 27th 2016 Reply

Sara Deere (Saraloveshomeloans)
#39 ranked lender in Kansas - 534 contributions

Which company are you trying to obtain a second mortgage?

Jan 27th 2016
Jamie D. Hoisington (Hoisingtonteam)
#36 ranked lender in Missouri - 8 contributions

Hi Joann.Jamie here from Guaranteed Rate. If you could take 5 min of your time out and give me a buzz we can go over this personally rather putting your info out on a webpage. You will find that most companies are not doing stand alone seconds and reason being is that by refinancing your first mortgage and acquiring the cash that way usually is more beneficial since you can potentially reduce the interest rate from what you have on the current mortgage. But lets go over it... Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email: 314-439-8214

Jan 28th 2016
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