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Richard Woodward

New Tool to Improve Your Credit Score

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - Article by: Richard Woodward - Service First Mortgage - Message

Many of my clients come to me after suffering a credit crisis. One of the first things they tell me is that they have no debt and don't want to open any new credit again. I hate to tell you but that is exactly the opposite of how to increase your credit score. You have to use credit in order for it to improve. Not using credit is not good credit. On time payment history used conservatively gives you good credit.

In today's tough market, buying or refinancing a home without high credit scores is becoming more and more challenging. Because of this, I would like to send you some valuable information on how to increase your credit scores and lower your credit costs for good.

If your credit score in below 640 and you have no open revolving credit cards you need to take action. The fact is that you must do something, doing nothing will only cost you thousands of dollars simply due to your damaged credit file. Take action today, improve your life and save thousands of dollars!

If you have less than 3 open lines of credit, I would recommend that you get at least 2 credit cards for your credit file. Not having an open revolving account is considered negative and is usually about a 40-60 point deduction in credit score. In general, having credit cards (and paying timely payments) will raise your score. Someone with no credit cards, for example, tends to be a higher risk than someone who has seasoned credit cards. It is very important to get this card because you have no other open, positive accounts. This will help you rebuild your credit.

If you do not have a credit card at this time and your scores are under 640, immediately apply for a secured credit card. The fastest and easiest way to increase your score is to get this AdvantageBlue Card. Start NOW!

You can go to your local credit union and open a secured

credit card. (you can even go to 3 different ones and accomplish the same goal)

For future reference, you always want to have at least two credit cards that are open on your credit. Remember with credit cards, you always want to keep your balance below 33% of the limit. Having maxed out credit cards can hinder your credit scores.

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