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Matt Triplett

Credit Repair

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - Article by: Matt Triplett - Archer Advertising - Message

Bad credit can hold you back from a lot of things, but most importantly it can hold you back from living your life. It can stop you from getting a car, getting into a home, maybe even getting a job. The statue of limitations on items on your credit report is 7 to 10 years. That is 7 to 10 years of your life with no possibilities, because a late payment that might not of been your fault.

Credit repair can remove that bad credit and make it possible for you to achieve what you are capable of. All credit repair is verifying and checking to make sure everything on your credit report belongs to you. It begins by disputing your bad credit to the credit bureaus, they have 30 days to verify your listing or it must be removed from your credit reports. That simple.

Of course there are some tricks to the trade, like how many items should you dispute, what should you say, and how fast you can do it. So of course credit repair can be done yourself. All it takes is research and a little bit credit repair information. You can always hire a credit repair service, just make sure they are the real thing and not some fly by night operation.

Anything is obtainable when your credit reports aren't holding you back. So take charge, dispute your items and begin your life.

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