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Jedd Nabonsal

Imediate affects of Government Shutdow

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - Article by: Jedd Nabonsal - Priority Financial Network - Message

Regarding Government Shutdown,

Mortgage Loans will still get done despite the Govt Shutdown that began today, 10/01/2013. Even brand new deals, for a borrower who were to Apply today,would see little effect in trying to Process their Loans.

A Borrower's 4606-T form, (A form requesting the IRS for your Tax Transcripts for any given year. They must match the ones provided to the lender.). would need to be completed by the IRS before the Deal could close.

There is also a social Security # verification procedure required on most loans. and that process is also halted until the Govt. Shutdown ends.

There may or may not be some delays in the actual Closing of the Loan Transaction, depending on how long the Govt, shutdown will stay in effect.

There is no need to hesitate now, in case you are thinking of Applying for a home loan.

Of course, I want the Shutdown to end right now.

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