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Steven Brand  #261849

HARP loans... they ain't dead yet!

Monday, October 28, 2013 - Article by: Steven Brand #261849 - Hancock Mortgage - Message

Rates went up quickly earlier this summer... but when the Feds said they're not going to start TAPERING their buying of MBS (mortgage backed securities) on September 19th rates slid back down.

Many "mortgage guys" out there were Chicken Little and thought the sky was falling and the world was ending.

I just picked up 2 of these HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) loans just this past week. On both occasions the borrower knew about the program the last couple years but due to an "economic event" (late mortgage payment, job layoff, prior bankruptcy, etc) they didn't qualify at the time. Now that they've got their situation in such a place that they NOW qualified for the program... it makes sense. Lucky for them we could get them in at a lower rate than we've seen in the last couple months too.

Why is this important? The HARP program (as originally introduced) had some flaws and few people (in general) were able to qualify and close. Then the program went back to the drawing board and re-addressed some of the limiting factors and the program was extended and reintroduced as HARP 2.0. Earlier this year it was extended again... through December 2015. It was not officially re-named HARP 3.0... but the program is functional now.

If you or someone you know is still upside down on your home and looking for a refi option... call your favorite mortgage guy (dot com) and see what you can do.

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