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Rich Alino

Intro to Private Banking Video and Transaction Summary

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - Article by: Rich Alino - Harbour Equity Partners - Message

The Private Banking products offered are tailored around a high net-worth borrower that may not show personal income and/or may have issues with home value. The features of Private Banking will usually include a private banking relationship which may also offer a discount for as much as .50% to the rate on any of the par loan products. Having a revolving relationship means it is easier for a high net worth borrower to obtain financing for personal and/or business projects, and as the borrower develops his or her need for financing he or she can contact the private banker assigned rather then have to suffer the delay that occurs when searching for a lender.The features offered also include:oA direct private banking relationshipoPar Private Banking Rates, no add-onsoAsset and securities based financing availableoAbility to annuitizing assets to qualify your incomeoAble to close in the name of your family trust or LLCoProducts offered for purchase or refinance in all 50 stateso100% + LTV jumbo loans with the collateralized programoSuper jumbo loans financing + revolving financial relationshipoLoans for borrowers that don't fit conventional lending guidelinesoLoan terms we offer, 5 yr, 7 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr, 20 yr, 30 yr fixed or LIBOR +oLoans for self-employed borrowers that show little to no personal income.oLoans for high end homes that have suffered a reduction in value or high LTVoRevolving private banking relationship for future business or personal lines of creditoNo upfront costs, and no fee any kind until the day you close with a top 10 Private BankoReduced home value issue? We can create the value to get the loan amount you needoIncome qualifying with business cash-flow or cash reserve, NOT just your personal incomeCertainly these are not conventional products.For more informations on unconventional lending please visit www.superjumboloans.infoor for questions or scenarios please feel free to call or email to qualify in minutes.

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