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Commercial Rates: May 2008

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - Article by: LouisJ - Louis Jeffries - Message

Commercial Rates May 2010

Each month I will update the rates for commercial loans. Even though I will list rates here each deal must be quoted individually to determine if they fit the program parameters for the rate quoted. As commercial rates do not change daily like residential mortgage rates, they are still subject to change without notice.

For a specific rate quote contact me at

Multifamily 5 units or More Apartment

Under 250K Contact for quote

250K to 750K 6.05%

750k to 3MM 5.19%

3MM Plus 5.04%

Mixed Use

250k to 8MM 6.75%

250k to 5MM 5.80% (Low LTV high DSCR)

Owner Occupied Commercial

250k to 2MM 6.00% (fully amortized over 16 to 25 years)

250k to 2MM 5.75% (fully amortized 7 to 15 years)

Bank Bridge Rehab Loan

2MM to 10MM 7.50% Interest Only 12 to 36 months

Hard Money Commercial

50k to 100MM 9.00% to 15% Interest only 12 to 36 months

Other Programs available:

Church Loans, Land Loans, Commercial Construction and Land Development, Small Business Signature Loans, and More

For quotes and more details email Louis at

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