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C G Barbeau

Mortgage After BK or Foreclosure

Monday, November 18, 2013 - Article by: C G Barbeau - Eagle Home Mortgage - Message

The Back to Work program is a complex but excellent method to get a home loan after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale. I have closed a few of these.

The facts to be able to fit into this program are:

1. Borrower must take a free HUD approved class 30 days before the application

2. Borrower must prove decline in income for 6 months before or directly connected with the event

3. To prove the decline you will need Federal tax return at time frame, job layoff or unemployment paperwork, medical reciepts or information at the time frame, AND have recovered - ie have new job - got retrained and on new job...

4. Decline in value of property more than twenty percent. This seems easy to say in the event that most properties since 2007 crashed in the United States BUT we will need to show the purchase price value, amounts of mortgages owing, value at time of event, foreclosure documents, after sale value... a number of pieces

Working with a lender who knows the rules, but also urges you to compile what is necessary back up paperwork is vital. I can write your story in a clear method, but need the actual documentation to show beyond a reasonable doubt that your case fits this new HUD rule.

Caroline Gerardo Barbeau

Mortgage Banker

NMLS # 324982

(949) 637-8190 cell

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