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Carlo Sanchez

4 Benefits To Upgrading Your Home

Monday, December 9, 2013 - Article by: Carlo Sanchez - Security National Mortgage Company - Message

Are you dreaming of being the host of a holiday party but cant figure out how you're going to fit all of your guests into your current home? If you're still in your starter home and don't have the space to entertain friends and family, it may be time to upgrade into a larger home. In this blog, I'm going to talk about the 4 benefits of upgrading your home.

Typically when someone buys their first home, they have the down payment available that fits the budget of smaller homes. Ideally, after several years of making mortgage payments, sellers can fetch a price for their home that is more than what they owe on their mortgage. If this is the case, the seller is able to walk away from the closing on the sale of their home with a chunk of change that allows them to move into a bigger home. This is the ideal starter home situation. So, if you've been in your first home for several years, here are some benefits to moving on and upgrading:

  1. Space More money usually means more space. Whether you're searching for a bigger yard or a bigger interior to entertain, upgrading will make your home the holiday hot spot for friends and family. Homes in Plymouth are typically designed with families in mind, so you're sure to find all the room you need here!
  2. Location Using your starter home funds, you now have the freedom to look for homes in a neighborhood you previously thought unaffordable. Great neighborhoods mean great schools. Did you know that Plymouth, MN is in the Wayzata school district?
  3. Finishes From appliances and countertops to flooring, you can expand your home search into houses with higher-end finishes.
  4. Entertainment With a larger, upgraded home, you will be able to host out of town relatives without feeling crowded. Finished basements give the kids an area to be rowdy and an open floor plan upstairs provides a relaxing area for adults to socialize.

4 Benefits To Upgrading Your Home Posted by Carlo Sanchez

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