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Jimmy Vu

Own Your Home

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - Article by: Jimmy Vu - Home Funding Corporation - Message

For many of us, the biggest investment in our lives are most likely the home we purchase. We will spend countless hours to clean, fix, and renovate to complete the vision we have for our home. There is no other feeling that can describe the feeling of owning your home and making it as beautiful as you can imagine!

Qualifying for a home purchase is a very simple process, but requires proper preparation to ensure an approval. Staying on top of your finances and credit is a must. It is always beneficial to have reserves. A minimum of 2 years employment in the same field or a position is required. A BIG down payment is not always necessary. Depending which programs are available to you, some do not require a down payment.

I have many clients come to me with no clue of what to do when buying a home, so I make sure to thoroughly explain the simplicity of our process. Even if you do not have the best credit, I have the resources and knowledge to help you quickly improve your score to qualify for a home purchase.

As a Mortgage Planner, I make sure to provide all information upfront to my clients so there is a clear and simple understanding of what mortgage financing entails. I enjoy educating my clients on the different methods of paying a mortgage and how to save money. I can teach you how to pay off your mortgage faster and save money while doing it!

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