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Hard Money Loans

California Stated Income Loans

Friday, January 31, 2014 - Article by: Hard Money Loans - Hard Money Loans Lenders - Message

Stated Income Loans for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Stated income loans were the tantamount reason for some of the default issues in the economy back on the dark days of 2007. Stated income loans in 2013-2014 are a different type of low doc loan with credit firmly in pace as a protection to the lender. This and the dept service ratio coverage allows financing and refinancing with a stated income loan.

Stated income loans allow non income verification buyers and self employed loans to investors at low rate refinancing. The financing product is a credit driven loan whereby a minimum 600 FICO is needed. With the current market for real estate sales booming investors are looking for the next best thing to FHA or bank orientated finance loans. Stated income can be for most commercial properties and residential investment properties. There are no owner occupied stated income loans I know of, but they may exist outside of California.

Much of the security of the loan may be in the dept service ratio when apartment stated income loans are concerned If we can assist with any commercial or residential investment financing contact hard money loans lenders with your scenario.We are direct Los Angeles lenders and work with local investment groups and investors many of whom are classed as self employed by the banks. We can process a stated income loan quickly with the least amount of hassle, as is it classed as a low doc or no doc loan. We provide investment property refinance. private commercial loans, and more.

We offer low interest rate hard money lending and stated income loans for qualified investors starting 6.5%. As low as 20% down for high credit score clients. Call 310 596 4221310 596 4221 for one of our loan officers

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