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Akali D. Dennie

What Are Realtor's Biggest Complaint With Mortgage Brokers?

Monday, June 14, 2010 - Article by: Akali D. Dennie - MORTGAGE BANKERS NATIONWIDE - Message

What Are Realtors Biggest Complaint With Mortgage Brokers?

In a continuous effort to improve our realtionship to better understand the needs of Realtors I would like to hear feedback as to what Realtor's are really looking for in their ideal Mortgage Broker. What would you change about your current lending partnership? What's working really well for you? Please be honest as this information is really needed in this ever changing lending environment. I would appreciate any and all honest answers.

Freedom Mortgage works with each Realtor partner in a very unique relationship; We call it our "Preferred Realtor Partner Program". It is very unique as we provide weekly referrals and work together on customized marketing campaigns. The answers to this question will only strengthen this program as we are constantly looking for additonal Realtor partners to work with. Thank you for your much needed thoughts.

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