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Mark Allen Schmidt

A Reverse Mortgage Might be Right for you if...(Top 10 reasons)

Friday, March 7, 2014 - Article by: Mark Allen Schmidt - Mac 5 Mortgage Co - Message

A Reverse Mortgage might be right for you if? (Top Ten List)

1. You want to access some money, and you have equity in your home

2. You're 62+ and you don't want to fork over monthly mortgage payments anymore.

3. You'd like to buy a home with about 50% down, and not have to make any further payments.

4. You're considering retiring and you'd like to delay joining social security.

5. You'd like the freedom to stay in your home as long as you want.

6. You'd like to be able to give money to your family, your church, or some other cause, now.

7. You're struggling to pay your bills, but you still have equity in your home.

8. You have a house, high hopes and big dreams and more money would help.

9. You're at least 62 and want to stay in your home.

10. You think you might be interested but need to know a whole lot more.

If your match one or more of the top ten reasons, it might be time to chat about a Reverse Mortgage. I have found that most people have opinions about Reverse Mortgage but not many people know much about Reverse Mortgages. You can learn more at my website: Thanks, Mark Allen Schmidt

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