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ReStart Program

Friday, March 28, 2014 - Article by: Lender411 Member

The ReStart program is offered by Roofs Across America & HELP Housing Program. We work with this Non-Profit to help families who have gone through Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy, or general economic hardship purchase property through the help of a non-profit. The non-profit will buy the house for with a 6 year lease option to buy at a pre-disclosed price. Any equity gain above the pre-disclosed price is the homeowners. Even if the homeowner decides to leave the property prior to buying. They will still be able to realize the equity gain. The program is offered in 11 states including California (funds are through the "hardest hit fund" from the Dept of the Treasury). We also offer the HOME AGAIN program as well. We will be putting out a promotional video on the program in a few days similar to the links below. 858-405-5094

HELP Housing Video

Smart Choice Realty Video

Please feel free to contact us about all our programs


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