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Kathleen Smith

Commercial Property and Projects

Monday, June 2, 2014 - Article by: Kathleen Smith - Harbour Equity Partners - Message

Commercial Property and Projects

Private Client Services, LLC is interested in reviewing commercial projects in the US. We would also like to build our pipeline of Private Banking Clients that have a strong financial statement. The property or project can be any size, but the borrower's profile will be in question.We would like to see the borrower have at least:o 1 million in cash reserveso A net worth of at least $3 million.To submit to review, will need to review the project owner's:o Personal Financial Statemento Executive Summary onlyupdate provided by Private Client Services, LLC a division of Harbour Equity Partners.For more information email to us at

Kathleen Smith Harbour Equity PartnersPrivate Client Services, LLCAdmin Assist. | Private Banking and Client Services

Additional details on our websites at: - -

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