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Spring and Summer Open House Tips - Orlando FHA

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - Article by: Lender411 Member

With over half of buyers using open houses as a critical tool to shop for homes, spring and summer open houses represent valuable opportunities for sellers to entice potential buyers. Take this opportunity to prepare for your spring and summer open houses - show your home to its best advantage to snag a buyer and sell quickly!

Get Your Lawn Looking its Best

Curb appeal is an undeniably critical component of preparing to sell your home. The most beautiful interior in the world can't recover from a messy or unkempt lawn, a cracked walkway, damaged driveway or overflowing gutters. Clean up your lawn; get rid of dandelions, brown patches and bare spots. Consider hiring a lawn service to keep your curb appeal up while you're showing your home.

Spruce Up Your Entryway

After curb appeal, your entryway is responsible for forming the first impression for potential buyers who are viewing your home. Invest in a new light fixture, add a nicer doorknob and lock set, refresh your house numbers and accent your entryway to help your buyers form a positive first impression.

Consider Replacing Your Mailbox

An old, faded mailbox gives buyers the impression that the rest of your home is tired and faded. If your mailbox doesn't look fresh and inviting, consider replacing it to form a better first impression.

Refresh Your Deck

For spring and summer open houses, it's important to pay attention to the state of your deck. Families are more likely to spend time outdoors during the warm weather months, and will prioritize outdoor areas versus home shopping during the winter. Give your deck a fresh coat of stain, and rejuvenate your deck furnishings. Add playful touches, like a colorful umbrella or potted plants.

Remember: your open house is your chance to entice potential buyers. Anything that looks old and faded should be refreshed; a sharp, nicely-maintained home is far more appealing to buyers than a sloppy, faded relic.

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