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Rob McAllister

What is going on with rates?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - Article by: Rob McAllister - West Seattle Mortgage, Inc. 85705 - Message

I dont know if you are like me...wondering how much lower rates can fall, but I am scratching my head with one hand cheering with the other. Interest rates have continued to stay below 4.5% for over a week now..not sure this will last, but given the pathetic condition of the worlds economies it seems like investors are fine with a low yielding bond enough that prices continue to go up; and thus...rates continue to come down. I think we have all learned from history is that a good thing (if it actually exists) only lasts a short while. With that idea in mind I am still recommending to my clients they lock their rates, close their loans, and sit back and enjoy the next 30 years with a rate that is lower than we have seen in our history. You should do the same.

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