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New York and New Jersey Mortgage Tip: Getting Approved after being Denied a Mortgage Loan

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - Article by: MEL SMITH--LENDER OF THE MONTH - . - Message

Perhaps you have recently been denied a Mortgage for a Home Purchase or Refinance. Do not lose hope, because there still may be options available to accomplish your goal. I have seen people get denied at one bank and approved at another on the same day. Often, this relates to the difference in Bank guidelines or could depend upon the knowledge of the Professional you work with. I would advise Borrowers to try and understand why they were denied and still speak with other Mortgage Providers. It may be that you have to correct or adjust a few matters to qualify. However, it is paramount that you work with the right Mortgage Professional.

Mel Smith

(845) 290-3319

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