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Richard Woodward

Realtors can increase prospecting leads at a low cost

Saturday, October 18, 2014 - Article by: Richard Woodward - Service First Mortgage - Message

I work with many Texas Realtors and one of the conversations we always have is how to find more buyers and sellers. Selling real estate is a rewarding career with the great reward of helping families find a home. The challenge all Realtors have is how to find qualified prospects to work with. This challenge can be frustrating and expensive. I am always looking for ways to work together with Realtors to help them prospect efficiently. While paying Zillow and to provide you leads off the listings you created is often a necessary evil, there are other more effective ways to generate leads.

Buyers and sellers are using technology more and more these days to conduct research and to find the perfect home. Wouldn't it make sense as a Realtor to have great technology for those customers? What if that technology would help you attract both buyers and sellers? What if it cost was less than $12 annually and was almost completely automated?Several of the Realtors that I work with are getting 10-20 additional leads per month just by using this simple technology. If the commission on a $300,000 purchase is $9000 and you paid $12 to obtain that lead, wouldn't you say that was a good return on your investment?

Visit my Realtor Partner page now and discover why working with my team and using this technology will allow you to increase your income, make you a more tech savvy Realtor, and provide your clients the technology they are looking for. Call me to discuss how we can work together.

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