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PLG Capital

Commercial Lender of the year

Friday, October 24, 2014 - Article by: PLG Capital - PLG Capital Funding Group - Message

A recognized capital markets leader known for crafting and structuring major capital and asset backed financial transactions world wide, and able to strategically achieve business goals, PLG Capital Funding Group LLC offers a unique blend of executive acumen, global team-building, and problem solving credited with strong ROI and operational improvement.

PLG Capital Funding Group LLC. has funded many new Humanitarian projects globally achieve the startup-mezzanine, and working capital necessary to achieve planned goals. With the assistance of a worldwide network of professional bankers and lenders PWCG projects to date total over $5 Billion.

PLG Capital Funding Group LLS a commercial Lender underwrote and sold commercial paper to firms such as JP Morgan Chase, Comerica Bank, Bay-view Financial, and Citizens Bank to name a few in excess of over $5,000,000,000.00. PLG Capital Funding Group holds a low 5% loan default rating among the nations leading commercial lenders, and is instrumental in the education of other leading commercial brokers and lenders in the State of Michigan.

Presently, PLG Capital Funding Group is proud to announce that the MIDDLE MARKET LENDING DEPARTMENT FUNDS $150,000,000 ENERGY PROJECT

Middle Market Lending Department enables construction of pioneering power generation technologyUS-based PLG Capital Funding Group LLC, Project Funding specialists, have announced that investors from the USA, Europe and Asia have provided private debt funding for a $150,000,000 waste-to-energy plant in SE Asia. The plant will be the first to use a new type of generator, with significantly more efficiency than traditional generator designs. The funding was provided through our Middle Market Lending department.

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