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Renovating Commercial Investment Real Estate

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - Article by: Commercial Hard Money Lenders - Cal Hard Money Lenders - Message

Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Property Inspections

If you are looking at a commercial real estate acquisition many times there are very important issues that you need to know about the investment. Getting the due diligence together is an all important first step in finding an apartment or multifamily to invest in.

If you are getting the property for further renovation, which is often the case, you will need a specific foundational report on the building. Getting a property valuation report for a commercial property is really about how you approach the legal paperwork in a real estate transaction.

Do you typically entrust a real estate professional like a transaction coordinator to to get all the documentation in place? If so it might be wise to get acquainted with many of the " hidden reports" that can occur in the seller transaction pertaining to disclosure.

The natural hazard disclosure statement is one such piece of documentation that the seller or buyer rarely look at. The irony in this the NHD documentation is one of the few pieces of paper that can get you out of a binding contract and get your down payment back. That obviously is very important so getting familiar with the NHD can in some cases alert you to the fact it is a bad investment. Further it could quite possibly be used as a variable commercial property valuation pricing application.

We help with the private commercial financing when a bank says no or you are turned down. We provide quick funding solutions when you have found the best commercial real estate purchase and have had all the important due property inspections made.

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