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Suzen Ashley

Reverse mortgage - Smart financial option for people in old age

Friday, July 3, 2015 - Article by: Suzen Ashley - Z Reverse Mortgage - Message

We all wish to live a peaceful and happy life come what may all throughout our age however life is a perfect example of uncertainties. We may never know when what happens and what need arises when? Let us accept this openly and one thing is for sure the most important thing in life at any given point of time is your money which offers you a great support. It is a fact that if you have money with you have the world with you and without money you might have to struggle and depend on almost anyone and everyone.

This is the reason a smart financial planning and savings is important in everyone's life and one should give it a deep thought and follow religiously for the better future. When we are young and earning we still have the power to rotate money and earn and spend but when we are retired and no longer working we only have a limited source of income which is either retirement fund or savings.

However you never know what need arises when as said earlier and you might need a healthy sum of money for something and this is when you look for all available options around yourself. Reverse mortgage is the answer to all these needs and it is pretty popular now everywhere.

Let us understand and look into what is a reverse mortgage so as to you have clear understanding about it and know how it works? Reverse mortgage is a government-insured program where you may exchange a portion of your home equity for cash. It is known as reverse mortgage because instead of you paying mortgage payments it is the lender who will be making cash payments to you. Reverse mortgages in Florida is pretty popular format for people who need money and it is an arrangement for people who are 62 and above years of age. All you need to have is a property or a residence which can be a single family home or a 2-4 unit home, HUD approved condominium or a FHA approved property.

There are many reverse mortgage companies in Florida doing brisk business and offering different deals to their customers. Reverse Mortgage lenders Florida companies have a large clientele because this format of financing is one of the best options for people who are 62 and above years of age. Practically they do not have much choice once they are retired and stop earning until and unless they have huge savings or investments which they can use to generate the much desired cash and sponsor the financial need.

Though many people do smart investment these days but not everyone and this is the reason reverse mortgage is gaining popularity. It is a regular source of income and this income is tax free as it is not treated as income but as a loan. In addition to this benefit it lets the owner of the house to stay in the house till the time they wish and if they choose to move or sell it the existing equity is still with them. To know How does a reverse mortgage work visit

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