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New York and New Jersey Mortgage Tip: Do not lose hope because one Bank denied your request for a Home Loan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - Article by: MEL SMITH - . - Message

Don't become discouraged.... If you have been refused a Home Loan there are a few steps that you can take to change the outcome. Step 1: Find out the exact reason you were denied.The initial step to any problem is to identify the root cause. What were the things that were factored in which ultimately led to your denial of credit?

Step 2: If the reasons for the denial are centered on correctable errors, then take the necessary actions to correct them. There can be various reasons why your application for a mortgage or a loan got denied.

Step 3: If the refusal is due to a poor credit report, obtain a free copy of your report from any of three major credit reporting agencies. Occasionally, the reason for the denial has something to do with a poor credit history -things you did in the past rather than things you are currently doing.

Step 4: Always acquire a second opinion. Some banks have divisions whose sole purpose is to just reevaluate loan applications.

Step 5: Lastly, apply for a new loan. Keep shopping. Just because you got turned down once does not mean that you are never going to get approved for a loan again. Your dream of being a Home Owner could be just around the corner.

In my career, I have had the privilege of helping many Home Buyers get qualified shortly after being denied at their local Bank. It is vital to your success to find a very knowledgeable Mortgage Professional with years of experience.

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