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Larry Gray

Is it Possible to Purchase with Minimal Savings

Monday, November 9, 2015 - Article by: Larry Gray - Guarantee Mortgage - Message

I think people hear about different local homebuyer assistance programs available to people on certain levels of income, but they may not think they qualify. There might be some hurdles to go through, but if home ownership is a dream then perhaps it is time to look into the opportunity even if one has little savings.

I want to speak about the opportunity my company and some others provides for people throughout California who may not have much savings but would really love to have the opportunity to buy their own home. You may be surprised at the maximum income level allowed for down payment and closing costs assistance by us in your area. We are now able to loan up to $600,000 while providing assistance in some areas! Check HUD online for possible first time buyer education and assistance in your State or municipality.

We first find out what maximum home purchase price you might qualify for. Then we take into consideration how many individuals altogether will be living in the home. If you and your spouse both work but you are qualifying for the home purchase on your own, we can then only count your income towards qualifying for the maximum allowable income amount. It is possible to have as high as $160,100 a year in income and still qualify for down payment and closing cost assistance, in a "higher priced home" region of California!

Surprisingly, even if your mid credit score among the 3 major bureau credit scores, is relatively low (i.e. 640) you can qualify for a very low rate with our down payment and closing costs assistance programs. We are very experienced in providing these programs and the fact we fund our loans can increase the likelihood of qualifying and accomplishing the mortgage purchase loan within required timelines. Knowing Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corp. or another lender has the reputation for completing a lot of these loans and in record time can help listing agents and their sellers feel confident in accepting sales offers from our very qualified borrowers utilizing down payment and closing costs assistance available to them!

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