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Is Buying A Home Still a Good Investment?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - Article by: Crestico Funding - Message

Lately, many of my colleagues and friends have been asking me whether I think buying real estate is still a good investment. While it may seem like renting a property that is easier to get out of, costs less to maintain and is more easily negotiable to get into is a better choice than dealing with selling agents, competitive cash offers from investors and escrows and taxes; I firmly believe that it is NOT. You may think, "Sure, of course SHE doesn't want us to rent, she wants us to buy - that's how she makes money" so keep reading and decide for yourself.First we need to define what is considered a "good" investment.

There used to be a time when people would see huge returns on their investments, be they in stock, bonds or real estate. In a recession however, all kinds of earnings and returns are diminished. This leaves investors to re-define their idea of a "good" investment. Sometimes, they may consider an investment that does not lose value as a "good" investment, other times nothing less than doubled value would be considered "good." Generally speaking, according to most economic theorists and financial advisors, any investment that is yielding a 5-8% annual return is considered a "good" return. This leads us to a discussion of ROI.Often you will find people talking about ROI. Historically, ROI (Return On Investment) has been a common method for individuals and companies to measure how "good" of an investment they have made, based on the rate of return that they have enjoyed. When trying to determine whether a particular real estate purchase is a good one - one would need to consider a few things. Real estate's value depends mainly on its location. (I know you're heard it "location, location, location")

Often,communities that are built to support big educational institutions or employers (think big name colleges and the neighborhoods close to them, or big factories and suburbs created to house the families of the workers) tend to enjoy more stability in terms of price and rate of return than others, even in times of depression and recession. By looking at the location of the real estate, you will have more information about whether or not it is a good investment. Surveying historical values over time in the area will allow you to see the retention of prices in the area.Ultimately, as an investor you will need to gather information not only about the property you are considering purchasing, but also the surrounding neighborhood, historical values and proximity of institutions that can contribute to the stability in price.

Overall, investing in a home, even at this time in our economy can yield the same (if not better) return as investing in stocks or other types of investments. The key difference would be that you can live in, build a home in, create a family in and achieve your dreams in a piece of real estate whereas a stock certificate can not provide these intrinsically satisfying things for you.For more info please visit

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