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Mortgages for Veterans

Say "thanks" this holiday season: Buy Veteran

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - Article by: Mortgages for Veterans - Mortgages for America - Message

As we head into the busy holiday season and prepare to hit the malls in search for the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones, take a minute to think about the veterans who have served this great nation.

This holiday season, when you're hunting for the perfect present, remember to Buy Veteran, an initiative of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).

According to NaVOBA's website, "Buy Veteran is a national campaign ... to bring the success and momentum of the National Veteran Business Movement to all of America's 3 million veteran-owned businesses."

While the U.S. government and thousands of corporations have vowed to include veteran-owned companies in their supply chains, surveys show that average Americans also want to support veteran businesses.

Why buy veteran

There are more than 3 million business owned by veterans in the U.S. That represents nine percent of the economy and over $1.2 trillion in economic impact. The message here is simple: We can thank a veteran for their sacrifices and dedication to our country by supporting their businesses.

Veteran-run businesses are an important part of our economy and your support will encourage more veterans to become entrepreneurs. NaVOBA keeps a list of veteran-owned businesses, which can be found here. It's searchable by state and by business type.

Local business directories, such as Yelp, are also great resources for finding a veteran-owned business. Simply searching for "veteran owned restaurant" in your town can serve up many results. And don't be afraid to ask. Next time you're at your local coffee shop or garage getting repairs to your car, ask if the owner is a veteran. You'll be surprised how many small businesses are veteran owne.

Supporting veteran-owned businesses

It's a small act that can go a long way. Since you're already out shopping, spending your hard-earned dollars with a veteran can make a huge impact on your local community. Since veteran-owned businesses tend to be small, the likelihood that they live in and support your community are great.

But it's not just small businesses that are run by veterans. Here's a piece we did a while back on the top national brands that are run by veterans.


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