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Leah TenBieg

Start saving on your home energy bills

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - Article by: Leah TenBieg - Prospect Home Finance - Message

With summer just around the corner, the heat tends to raise residential utility bills substantially for homeowners. However, by taking a few simple tips into consideration, your home can function properly while beating the heat and saving some extra money on those rising bills.

Keep your thermostat under control

A great solution to cooling your house down while staying somewhat budget friendly is to utilize a programmable thermostat. By installing one, the temperature will be in your control at all times. Instead of keeping the cold air going all day while you're at work, your home will now be cooled only when you're home. Programmable thermostats can also store your personal settings and will repeat them throughout the days.

Pay attention to your water usage

By using your dishwasher at night, the humidity in your home will not be half as bad as it would during the heat of the day. Another solution to keeping your home cooled off during the day is to air dry your clothes instead of starting your clothes dryer. By eliminating humidity as much as possible, you will be less tempted to turn your air conditioner on. In many cities, energy costs are much higher around dinner time. Try to start your dishwasher as late as possible to avoid higher costs. If your home has a pool, you can decrease the filtration cycle by starting at 30 minute increments and then gradually continue to reduce it.

The heat during the summer doesn't have to raise your utility bills to sky-high prices. Save some extra cash this summer on your home utility bills and see how you can easily get in a routine.

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