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Leah TenBieg

How to purchase a home - The basics

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - Article by: Leah TenBieg - Prospect Home Finance - Message

Don't let the thought of purchasing your own home scare you away from actually doing so. Maybe you have had the idea of being a home buyer in the back of your mind for quite some time now. Or maybe you just now made the decision that it's the right time. Whichever the one, you will need to learn how to take the next step in order to get the ball rolling.

Get pre-approved - The first step

You have most likely already done some house hunting, but if you are a serious buyer, make sure you obtain a mortgage pre-approval. It's best to do this before shopping around for homes. It's imperative to know if you will qualify for a loan before you get too excited. Getting pre-approved requires speaking with a loan officer, filling out an application, and sending in the required documentation. Be aware, your credit will be looked at, so make sure you have a sturdy one before starting the process. You will become informed of the amount of money you can borrow through this step. Make sure you closely calculate your monthly mortgage payment and be sure it is a reasonable amount for you to pay. Also, try not to hit your budget exactly. You never know what the future might hold, and you might want to have some extra money for investments down the line.

Finding your home

House hunting is what makes this process feel more real. It helps to make a list of "must-haves" and "wants" before you begin going into open-houses. It's easy to get overwhelmed, so bring along a family member or friend just to have a second opinion. Be sure to keep your budget in the back of your mind at all times when walking through houses. Researching the neighborhoods before you drive to your potential new house could save you some time. Once you think you have found the home for you, consider hiring a professional inspector. The inspector will look for things that you would never even think about. This could be a huge money-saver.

While these are just a couple basics that are necessary when purchasing a home, there are more tedious steps to the whole process. Instead of thinking that owning a home is impossible, try taking the first step and seeing if it leads you to your dream home.

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