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Myke Thomas

5 Smart Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Apartment Space

Monday, December 17, 2018 - Article by: Myke Thomas - Telecommunication - Message

Aside from the difficulty of moving your things into your new apartment, decorating it can also be challenging, especially if you have only a limited apartment space. Studio apartments and even two-bedroom apartments don't offer the same spatial benefits like that of an average-sized house.

The good thing is that there are creative ways that you can pull off when decorating a spatially-challenged apartment. For a little help, here are some decorating tips to make the most out of your apartment space and to create a less cluttered look for it. So take a read!

Opt for Folding or Multi-Purpose Furniture

You can surely save space and improve your apartment area if you choose furniture pieces that can be folded when not in use and have multi-functional features.

Nowadays, there are beds that you can fold and hide in a storage space when you don't sleep on them and sofa beds that you can use as a seating area during daytime.

Of course, there are foldable chairs and tables, as well as seating cubes that you can put under the table when you don't need them. This type of furniture is ideal to studio-type apartments or two bedroom apartments.

Add a Loft

Adding a loft in your apartment is indeed a wonderful option. Not only that it allows you to move the bed out of the main room of your apartment, but a loft also provides you a more private space and a cool retreat.

If you want to do it yourself, you can learn from books or blog articles on how to create and build a loft bed. Typically, you need to create a freestanding platform because you can't build the loft against the walls or modify your apartment permanently.

You should make sure that you get decorative curtains for you to divide the loft from the rest of the area in your apartment. It's a must that you have a sturdy ladder to access your loft. For style, it's essential that you choose colorful pillows and bedding for it.

Decorate Like a Minimalist

Putting too many materials, patterns, and colors in a limited-sized apartment can indeed make it more cramped. Thus, it's an excellent alternative if you do the decorating like a minimalist.

For instance, you can opt for a color theme that isn't harsh to the eyes. You can choose beige, blue-green, pearl gray, sky blue, etc. As far as possible, don't clutter your apartment with unnecessary items and decor. Follow the minimalist philosophy that less is more.

Storage Solutions

Spatially-challenged spaces such as apartments don't offer sufficient storage areas. However, you can go creative for you to get rid of the clutter and make the most out of your living space. You can check for extra space overhead, around corners, or under your furniture pieces.

You can use shelf extensions and dividers or install shelves around the ceiling for that purpose. It's also advisable to purchase furniture pieces that have a storage space like ottomans.

Provide your kitchen and bathroom with hooks to hang various items such as your blow dryer mixer, or curling iron.

Make the Eyes Look Up with Your Design

When decorating your apartment, it's crucial to create a design that makes you look upward. An excellent example of this design is making a column of geometric pattern in a white-walled apartment.

It's also an excellent idea to allow the natural light to your room. You can achieve it by hanging gauzy curtains over the windows. The light will make the space of your apartment look bigger than usual.


It's essential that you know how to maximize the space of your apartment, and there are smart ideas for you to achieve that. Of course, you can start by choosing dual-purpose furniture, adding a loft, installing creative storage, and incorporating minimalist design. The article above is a big help for that purpose.

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