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Myke Thomas

Making A Statement: 9 Easy Steps To Make Your House Look Alluring

Monday, December 17, 2018 - Article by: Myke Thomas - Telecommunication - Message

Remodeling or designing can be a bit tiring and confusing especially if you don't have any idea on how to get the job done. Making your house look presentable will take time. That's why seeking other people's advice can help you in coming up with a decision.

There are a lot of ways to give your house the makeover you're aiming to have. Searching the web for designs or just simply asking other people can be a big help in making your dream house come true. Giving life to your home is not that hard. Here is a list of 9 easy steps you can try to make your house look more dashing and alluring.

Make Sure To Have A Focal Point

When planning on designing certain areas of the house such as bedrooms, make sure that you have a focal point in that room. For example, you want to make your kitchen look enticing and elegant at the same time. You should consider adding details in it to give it more beauty.

Try putting up quartz countertop in it to give your kitchen that classy vibe. The countertop then will become your focal point in that area. Quartz is known to be one of the best material for making countertops because of its durability. If you want to know more about it, you can try checking sites such as Floform Countertops or other reliable sources.

Make sure that the colors you're going to use won't take away the spotlight from your focal point. Use a color that'll blend well with your centerpiece without compromising its attractiveness. For example, a white, life-sized statue goes well in a room with dark or even black walls. Use this technique to bring out the best in your focal points.

Setting The Tone Of Your Front Door

The exterior of your house matters. It's not always about what's inside, so you should also put an effort into designing the outside of your home. Picking the right tone for the exterior can give people a good impression. Other than the appearance of your home, choosing the right color for your front door gives out statement depending on the color you've chosen.

Red is one of the best colors to use when painting up your front door. Bright colors tend to make other people smile. Colors like yellow and orange are also great for your front door because of the brightness it has. These colors give out an ecstatic feeling especially to people who will visit your house.

Keeping It Neutral

The next thing people will notice is your walls. Keeping the color of the walls neutral can give your home that calm and vibrant vibe. If you're planning to use two-tone colors, make sure that those colors will blend in. Choosing the right color can be tricky, that's why asking experts for ideas can help you select the right color for your house.

A neutral hue for the walls is a good choice for the job because it can give you flexibility when it comes to decorating. These neutral colors will allow you to use and switch up different accessories. Colors like grey and beige can help you with the wall painting. Painting up the rooms with the same color will help your home to look more substantial.

Letting The Sun Shine Inside

You can use natural light to give more life to your house. Choosing the right drapes and curtains can also help balance the light that the sun provides. Sunlight can be a big factor when you're planning to add an accent to the theme of your house. Instead of using electricity in the morning, why not use the natural light that the sun gives.

Adding more windows can produce a more natural light which gives out an excellent ambiance to a room or any other specific area of the house such as the living room. Natural light helps save energy, and at the same time, can also give attraction to the house.

Add Artwork To The Surroundings

When designing the interior part of the house, always consider adding details to the surroundings. Hanging paintings around the house can give your home that modern accent especially if the theme of the whole house is also stylish. Small details such as intricate carvings on the mouldings or even hanging up portraits can be of a big help.

There are a lot of things you can use to add details to the surroundings. You can use vintage items if your theme involves some of the classics. You can also add plants for nature-themed areas of the house. If you're into antique pieces, adding antique valuables such as vases or busts of famous people might do the trick.

Measure Everything Well

When buying drapes and curtains, make sure that the measurements are perfect. Other than curtains, furniture such as tables also needs proper size so that everything would look perfect. A well arranged and well-measured furniture can attract other people's eyes.

Paintings and appliances should also be measured so that it'll fit into corners or spaces without looking stuffed or tight. Everything should be well regulated so that the remodeling process will be much easier and faster. Making sure that every measurement is precise is a must for you to achieve the interior design you're aiming.

Layer The Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential factors you need to prioritize when designing your house. Proper lighting is suggested so that everything is balanced. There are three layers for lighting the house. Each one of them is important so that your home will look elegant and attractive at the same time.

The first one is ambience. Ambience is also known to be the general lighting of the house. The next one would be the task lights. Task lights are for reading and illuminating small areas of a room. Lamps are used to light specific areas of the house. The last one would be the accent. Accent light is used to highlight particular areas of the home or objects.

Pile On Some Pillows

Putting up a sofa is not enough. Using a lot of pillows can also help your living room look more comfortable and cozy. Piling up pillows can give attraction to your house especially if you choose to use contrasting colors, patterns, and textures for the designs of the cushions you're going to use.

Other than the comfort it can give, it is also soothing to the eyes because other people can see that you are a well-organized person and that you also have a good taste when it comes to interior designs. You should always check the quality of the materials used for a specific pillow before buying them. Quality should still be a priority.

Mixing Tablewares

The common thing people do is to pick a specific item or color to match it to the first thing they chose. Well, mixing things instead of matching them can be less expensive and less hassle. Tablewares are the best example of this style.

Instead of buying new ones to match them, mixing them will be much nicer especially if your tableware is a bit antique. Looking online or in thrift shops for beautiful sets of antique tableware are much better than buying expensive ones.


The decision process when remodeling or designing a house might be hard at first. Remember, nothing comes easy. You should be patient when doing a remodeling project so that you can achieve the dream house you're aiming to achieve.

Doing some research and asking professionals in this kind of field can be a big help to those who don't have any idea or clue on how to make their homes look presentable and beautiful at the same time.

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