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David Brown

Qualities of Michelin Tyres

Saturday, May 9, 2020 - Article by: David Brown - Custom Boxes - Message

Toyota are the largest automobile manufacturers in the globe selling millions of machine units annually. This simply highlights their technological prowess and innovation as well as grit in making high-tech products that are meant to set high standards in the market for many years.

From luxury cars to motorbikes and petrol generators, there is no shred of doubt that any Toyota product bought promises new ideas and whole new experience. It is also safe to say Toyota products are worth every penny spent due to their new inventions that are been upgraded with every new release at affordable prices.

Same can be said for an amazing piece of technology like the Toyota Land Cruiser which comes with classic D-pillar badging which gives you not only maximum functionality, but a great look that ultimately improves your driving lifestyle.


The Engine is a 5.7-liter V8 Turbo booster.

The engine output is a Horsepower of 401 Pound-Feet

The movement transmission is 8-Speed Auto.

It is a Four-Wheel Drive style.

13 City and 17 Highway efficiency.

The Land Cruiser weighs about 5,815 Pounds.

5 seater vehicle. 2 upfront and 3 at the rear.

The load baring is 43.0.

The cabin is 81.7 Cubic Feet in size.

8,100 Pounds towing capabilities.

1,570 Pounds normal loading capabilities.

Price is $85,000.


For a great car, comes a great set of tyres. There are many brands to easily get familiar with such as Zeetex, Habilead, Yokohama, Roadstone, Michelin, Dunlop, and Continental tyres. These products are carefully designed and built for the ultimate road conquering and there are various sizes and models suitable for your Land Cruiser.

For weight, power, control, and endurance, there are enough choices at Dubai Tyre Shop which will easily make choosing a hard job. Don't worry, there is a team of tyre professionals ready to help you with that.


Land Cruisers are one of the most used 4WD vehicles in the city. Some love it for their heritage design and feel while others chose if over others for its cool and matured feel. This is why they are the public's choice for pedestrian driving and cooperate transportation. It has a lot if safety features embedded for a secured driving in residential areas.

For the all-terrain use, tyres that possess enough quality to survive icy tracks, enough grip to skid through steeper roads, and enough traction to drive through slippery roads comfortably are a must-need.

To prevent shaky driving and ensure good balance and safety, it is paramount to pick the right sizes and employ the right fittings. All these services can be gotten from our closest office close to you.


This is quite difficult decision to choose the best tyre price in UAE for your vehicle. After getting millions of results about tires the buyers can have these tyre at economical price in UAE.


For more information about free fittings and home delivery services, visit website where you can buy new Toyota Land Cruiser tyres.

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