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Akali D. Dennie

How to best prepare yourself for a Refinance

Thursday, November 18, 2010 - Article by: Akali D. Dennie - MORTGAGE BANKERS NATIONWIDE - Message

I receive calls everyday from numerous consumers across the country looking for a Mortgage Refinance quote. With rising interest rates, there is a big scramble among homeowners to secure a low fixed rate. Everyone I speak to all seem to want the lowest rate with no points and almost no fees. Well, if you really want the best rate, lowest fees and the fastest turn around, there are somethings you need to better prepare yourself. There are THREE factors that will GUARANTEE you the best lowest fixed mortgage rate. First, you should know your credit score. If there is more than one individual who will be on the mortgage, then you would need to know the middle credit score of both borrowers. A score of over 740 is what you will need. Second, the property should be your primary residence or a second home. Third, you should have at least 40% equity in your property. If you meet all three of these conditions, you will, without a doubt, receive the lowest fixed rate available on the market today. I am available for any and all additional questions. Thanks.

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