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Don Maher

Financing non warrantable condo loans

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - Article by: Don Maher - Universal Capital Mortgage Corp - Message

With the "Big Banks" widely exiting the condo market, Universal Capital Mortgage Corp. continues to be a leader in the placement of non warrantable condo loans. We offer a full line of fixed and adjustable mortgages, all with no prepayment penalties.

We offer programs for the following:

oNon Fannie/Freddie/FHA approved condo complexes
oMixed Use Complexes with up to 80% commercial/retail
oNew development with no minimum presold
oHighrise buildings
oComplexes with high percentage of renters
oHOA litigation Ok (case by case scenario)
oCondotels OK (case by case scenario)
oPrimary, 2nd home, and investment properties
oPurchase, Refinance, and Cash Out Loans
oLoans to 3 MIL
oLTV's to 80%

Developers/HOA's/Management Companies:

To get your project pre-approved for financing, please
download the HOA questionnaire and email it to me.

Universal Capital Mortgage Corp.
NMLS # 366070
CA DRE # 01866200
(800) 736-0565

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