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Ken Baltes

Credit and income

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - Article by: Ken Baltes - FBC Mortgage - Message

Having great credit is crucial to getting a mortgage with the best possible interest rate. If you are considering a home purchase in the future, it is important to have your credit pulled by a mortgage professional before you find a home.

Why? You should know what your credit score is and what possible loan programs are available to you. This way you can have a ballpark idea of what your monthly payment will be and what the down payment requirements are, if any before you sign a sales contract.

A mortgage professional like myself will pull a three bureau credit report , review it with you, and make sure there are no errors. They will explain credit scoring and let you know what you can do to increase your score. I am just as willing to work with a client that has a 550 score and wants to improve things as I am with a client that has a 699 and wants to make improvements as well.

There are loan programs out there that allow less than perfect credit: VA, FHA, USDA. These programs have helped a lot of people leave the rental pool and satisfy the dream of home ownership.

If you live in North or South Carolina and are considering a home purchase, please do not hesitate to call me to review your credit.

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