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Rich Constantine

FICO Booster! Rapid Re-score!

Saturday, February 19, 2011 - Article by: Rich Constantine - Home Savings of America - Message

I consider myself a(n) Credit Expert at this point. I have helped many to increase their FICO score, at the last minute, or to prepare them for a better loan or qualify for one! I have seen a wopping, 100 point improvement in 3 days! Yup, all with my help. So when it comes to FICO score help and what you could do to improve your FICO I suggest this:

1. Make your payments on time. If you swear you were on time, then dispute it.

2. Keep lower balances on your Credit Cards. Try to stay 30% or below you limit. I know it may be tough.

3. Do not close any Credit Accounts you have open or recently paid off.

4. Dispute items older than 7 years. The FCRP states it must come off after 7.

5. Remove Medical bills or other bills showing un-paid. Hopefully you have proof.

6. Check your Judgements and personal record section.

If you should need any help with fixing or improving your FICO score, please get in touch. I can help.

Rich Constantine

Home Savings of America


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