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The Baker Team at Cobalt NMLS190779

Having a Good Support Team.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - Article by: The Baker Team at Cobalt NMLS190779 - Cobalt Mortgage, Inc. BK-0909801 - Message

In the last few months I have made a move to a new company. One thing about that experience that you always here the the grass isn't always greener on the other side. After looking into 4-5 mortgage companies, and evaluating the pros and cons of each. One critical peice was I wanted a great support team, a place that can get deals done quickly, efficiently and an all out at any cost approach to getting deals done. I have experienced that with my new company on the few deals that require that extra TLC. For those not in the industry, one thing is certain, things happen. Specifically in the time sensitive and stressful situation of a home closing. In some cases, this results in people being without a place to go. Needless to say emotions always run high. Having an office and support staff that goes out of their way to insure at all costs that the deal gets done is an amazing feeling. Stress in this job is always present, but knowing that you have the best with you on your team to insure someone's dream of home ownership comes true is refreshing.

One thing about a Good Support team when you are looking to move to another company, you can't really script it. You know or I should say sense when you have a good team behind you. There are no numbers to review or paperwork to analyze in what a great team is. In most cases it is a gut feeling that you see when you meet the team that they are in it to win it. At Cobalt Mortgage I can honetly say that they are the best in the business. I used to work in Wholesale, and had 100's of brokers and bankers i worked with, and Cobalt is at the top of the class. Here are a few things that through my years a good team must have.

1. A great assistant or team manager - having a great team only goes as far as how efficient the team operates and a great assistant goes along way in making sure you are organized and working effectively.

2. A great processor - Processing a loan file as become a very detailed process with check, forms, spreadhseets, and double checking. it is truly the glue in an loan transaction. Behind the scenes, detailed attack at closing the loan quickly is needed. A great processor is also hard defind. But what is necessary besides a detailed knowledge of the process, is an unwavering desire to help. Find that and you have the makings of a great team. I have that know and it is amazing.

3. Additional Support Team or Corporate Staff - These staff memebers need to be focused and organized and preserve the integrity of the corporate structure. But what sets them apart is there ability to get deals done at all costs. or a better way to say that is exhaust all possible scenarios in creatively attacking every loan with the idea of making every loan

So I am writing this to pay homage to my great new team, but also to remind consumers that make sure you are working with someone with a great support team. Typically that is a result of how fast deals are working through the system. Not how fast One deal can be done, because everyone can rush a deal now and again. It is more about what is the average time a deal takes to get completed. I challenge you to ask the tough questions to other loan professionals to make sure they have a great support team to help close loans quickly and efficiently with no or limited issues.

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