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Chris Gummerson

Struggeling with Bad Credit

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - Article by: Chris Gummerson - Commerce Home Mortgage - Message

Are you a homeowner who cant refinance your home due to credit scores too low? Are you trying to purchase your dream home and your low credit is holding you back? There are rumors that FHA lenders are loosening their guidelines. Which means if you clean up your credit now, you wont miss the best time to purchase a home in decades. If you are stuggling with your credit scores, don't let just anyone help you. After many years in the business I have seen most of the tricks, so called credit repair companies use, which is letters and phone calls to dispute valid derogatory items on clients credit. Since it is a valid, legitimate derogatory, all the credit repair company does is allow for 30 days or so, your credit to not show these accounts. There are several other, legit ways to improve your score. One being moving high interest balances to lower interest balances, on your credit cards. If tradelines are your issue, go to local credit union and open a secured credit card and use it regularly, but always keep a small balance. Rule of thumb is to keep your debts below 40% of your credit limit. There are some more tools that can be used, which is all dependent upon your individual case. Feel free to email me your questions. Good luck!

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