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OGI Mortgage Bankers

Markets weaker today 3-22-2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Article by: OGI Mortgage Bankers - Message

The rate markets opened weaker today following selling yesterday. At 9:00 mortgage prices off 7/32 (.22 bp) frm the close yesterday, the 10 yr note -8/32 at 3/35% +2 bp. Not much new in the news from Libya ad Japan; the coalition forces have bombed and missiled key cities in Libya trying to weaken Qaddafi forces. One US F 15 went down but not by fire, both pilots are safe. Aerial strikes enabled rebel forces to push out from their eastern stronghold of Benghazi. The countries involved in the attacks, Britain, France and the US are ow debating who should lead the remainder of the intervention.

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