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Friday, April 15, 2011 - Article by: Lender411 Member

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Here's a way homeowners can get their mortgage paid for them. We know we can't stop making our mortgage payments and wish the bank just gives it to us for free, but the next best thing might be to let someone else pay your mortgage for you. Ad firm Adzookie says they will pay a homeowner's mortgage every month (for up to 12 months), if you let them turn your house into a massive billboard. They've received over 8000 applications, so if you don't mind your HOA yelling at you and your neighbors crossing the street just to punch you in the face, then enter the contest today.

Imagine buying a house in the middle of the housing boom with only $1000 down with the intention of flipping that home for-profit in just three months and getting the loan paid off faster. Hey, maybe a few years ago, you were that guy. But a Jacksonville Florida man did just that in 2006. In fact he didn't care about the 9.5% interest rate he was being charged because he thought he'd make three or four payments and then be off the hook for the loan forever. But right after he bought it, the crash came. Needless to say he stopped making payments on the house and in 2009 he was one of the 70,000 people hunted down buy foreclosure attorney David Stern, who eventually won the case in a court ruling. However, Stern was investigated for filing fraudulent paperwork along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and closed up shop by the end of the year. With the bank having to retain new counsel and realizing that the property value dropped from $72,000 down to $46,000 they decided to give the man the home free and clear. He plans to hopefully sell the house.

Last week I had my credit card number stolen and someone ran up $1200 in electronics. Now my wife knows I want an iphone for my birthday in a couple of months, but I don't think they'd take her for a grand to get one and luckily Chase called me and froze my account before some serious damage was done. Identity and credit card theft is running rampant. One way you can see what's on your credit report that shouldn't be there, (you know the account you thought you closed 3 years ago), is to go to the only place that is truly free. You should be checking your credit at least once a year anyway, but how many people wait until they're buying a house, or a car only to discover a problem that shouldn't be there and you have to dispute what's on your credit report. So make it a point to put it on your calendar to check it once a year.

Rates are still looking good this week. We are seeing more renters turn to buyers since people are starting to look at homes in the warmer weather. Remember, I have time to help you, your friends and neighbors.

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