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Brenda Casas (Habla Espanol)

Mortgage Relief for Unemployed Las Vegas Homeowners

Friday, July 8, 2011 - Article by: Brenda Casas (Habla Espanol) - Brenda Casas Mortgage Team - CityWide Home Loans - Message

This is good news for all struggling homeowners, not only those in Las Vegas. This topic falls in more categories than this blog will allow, but the main umbrella is foreclosure. The economy is still struggling to bounce back, and that affects us all. Yesterday the Obama Administration announced adjustments to the FHA requirements that will extend the forbearance period for unemployed homeowners to 12 months rather than the 3-4 months currently. Essentially this gives hardworking, but currently unemployed, qualifying homeowners a solid year to get back on their feet without the loom and gloom of having their home taken away from them.

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Do you feel this is a good or a bad move on the administration's part? Thoughts?

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