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Brenda Casas (Habla Espanol)

Las Vegas Housing Market Isn't So Bad

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - Article by: Brenda Casas (Habla Espanol) - Brenda Casas Mortgage Team - CityWide Home Loans - Message

At least according to the Yahoo! Finance list of top 15 worst housing markets that excluded Las Vegas.

Analysts put together a list of the top 15 cities with a bad housing market forcasted for the next five years. Las Vegas isn't mentioned, not even as a whisper. Miami tops the list as the worst place to invest between now and 2016.

Other unhonorable mentions include:

#2 Atlantic City, New Jersey
#3 Nassau County, New York
#4 (tie) Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Midland, Texas; Washington, D.C.
#7 Abilene, Texas
#8 Morgantown, West Virginia
#9 (tie) Austin, Texas; Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa
#11 (tie) Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Amarillo, Texas; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Monroe, Louisiana; & Shreveport, Louisiana

This list ought to raise a few eyebrows. Thoughts? Comments? Do you agree?

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