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Mike Cooper

Winchester, Virginia is Open for Business

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - Article by: Mike Cooper - Cornerstone Business Group - Message

Winchester, Virginia is Open for Business

If you listen to the nightly news you would think the country is in the final spirals down the drain, but not in Winchester, VA. In our community, business is booming. The local area is seeing a rise in new businesses. Two restaurants are joining the Winchester community.

Carrabba's, an Italian restaurant, is coming to the south end of town, and the Longhorn Steakhouse is coming to the mid-town area. Both of these of these areas have seen recent growth in franchise businesses in the past year. Winchester has a growing number of national chains, along with the local fare that is spectacular.

Carrabba's was started by two brothers from Texas. They have been influenced by family and environment. They write, "We love the Creole and Southern food our family members picked up passing through Louisiana and stepping off the boat right on the dock in Galveston. And we love the Western food that's just part of being in Texas."

Longhorn Steakhouse hails from Orlando, Fl. The company released a press lease including the following history, "LongHorn opened its first restaurant in Atlanta 29 years ago and has grown steadily - becoming known for its passion for grilling fresh, never frozen, steaks served in a relaxed, comfortable steakhouse atmosphere."

Winchester, Virginia is fortunate to have these two new restaurants. With its growing population, Winchester is a major hub of activity. Its strategic positioning in the top of the state of Virginia, Winchester is the place to be, and as we always say, "Winchester is open for business!"


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