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Marc Dooley

You can improve your credit AND get out of the cash jam you're in.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - Article by: Marc Dooley - CashCall Mortgage - Message

By Marc Dooley

November 15, 2011

So, you've dug yourself into a bit of a credit hole, eh? Well, the good news is that you're not alone. The economy has been rough on a lot of people for longer than we care to admit. Millions of people have done what they had to do in order to get by. And that can mean pushing the limits of their credit.

If you're on the rebound from these tough times, congratulations -- a lot of people out there are still struggling. But right now might be a good time to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, to examine the damage you might have done.

You are legally entitled to a free report from each credit reporting agency every 12 months, thanks to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FAST). Yes, FREE. So don't get caught up in those catchy jingle commercials that actually end up charging you. Just call the credit agency directly, or go to their website and they'll send you a free copy of your current credit report. Here's how to contact them:

Experian: 888-397-3742

When you get the reports, look them over thoroughly. It is not uncommon to find errors or bad information about your credit history. If you see ANYTHING that doesn't seem accurate, call them immediately to clear it up. This is really important, as your future ability to get proper loans and build your credit hinges on the accuracy of this information.

So you have your credit reports and it looks like some damage has been done. Now what do you do? Well, now you rebuild. And, the only way to rebuild is to borrow money and make the appropriate payments on time.

But taking that step isn't always easy. If you have some serious black marks on your credit, most lenders may not want to take a chance on you. You might not be able to get a car loan. Or a home loan. If it's really bad, you might even have difficulty renting an apartment or signing up for a mobile phone agreement. Because for all of these things, a credit check is required.

The great thing about Personal Loan companies like CashCall is that we can help people out of these kinds of really rough credit jams. CashCall offers personal unsecured loans of up to $10,000 in as fast as a day. And you don't have to have perfect credit to get the loan! The interest rates aren't low, but a CashCall loan can get you out of a financial jam while helping you to improve your credit score when you make the affordable monthly payments on time. CashCall provides all three credit reporting agencies with your payment performance information. So, you get the cash you need, and when you make your monthly payments, you can be on your way to a better credit score.

CashCall was created to provide people with less-than-perfect credit the loans they need to get out of financial jams, while helping them improve their credit. So don't just sit around and hope for things to get better. Do something about it, and get started on the road to credit score recovery.

Marc Dooley is the Chief Marketing Officer for CashCall, Inc.

CashCall Personal Loans offers high-interest-bearing, unsecured term loans to qualified borrowers who typically use the loans for one-time purchases and debt consolidation. These loans of up to $10,000 are processed entirely over the Internet, phone and fax, and funds are wired into the borrower's checking account typically within 24 hours. CashCall Personal Loans are a good alternative to Payday Loans for borrowers. While interest rates are high, they are typically much lower than those of payday lenders, and CashCall Personal Loans have the potential to help customers rebuild their credit score by making payments on time.

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