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Why do all Real Estate agents smile after a closing?

Thursday, November 17, 2011 - Article by: North Star Bank - First National Bank Southwest - Message

Why do real estate agents smile after a closing?

The answer is pretty simple. When a purchase transaction is finished the end result is pure satisfaction. What most buyers and sellers do not know is that the agents have gone through a rigourous fight. Not all deals are cumbersome and hard some are quick and painless, but the agent is a representative of the entire transaction and takes it all in, sometimes unknown to the parties that are in the transaction. All representatives handle the intensity a little differently and this is when experience counts.

The real estate agent has to put on so many hats the hat rack does not have a place for a personal hat. Experts say that the real estate agent has one of the most stressful jobs and their reputation and livelyhood links to that transaction. So the next time you see the pearly whites shine after a closing, realize between you and me that is just a little relief coming out naturally.


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