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Marcus Buchanan

Loans Before Homes

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - Article by: Marcus Buchanan - Paramount Equity - Message

Thats right future home owner that means YOU, Loans Before Homes. Unless your paying cash for your home and if you would like to purchase a home with a smooth transaction then please reach out to a trusted lender in your area.

Working with a Lender prior to talking to a Real Estate Agent will save you time and money no matter what your time fame for purchasing a home is.

Working with a Real Estate Agent is fun; you get to drive around and look at nice homes for sale small or large, what ever the case may be it still fun, its the excitement of owning a new home. Especially as you look around and fantasize about many different homes that you can design and decorate to make it your own.

Working with a Lender can be boring; they ask you personal questions, ask for lots of paperwork, analyze your credit with a fine tooth comb and at times can remain silent during the process with you wondering what n the heck is going on with my loan.

However, without the lender involved the transaction cannot happen. There are as many as 21 people invovled in a purchase transaction, yes it takes that many people to carry all the money that you need to buy a home. Much different than buying a car that you can take home on the same day. Especially now since there are so many laws and regulations protecting you as a consumer from fraud and deceptive practices.

If you work with your lender, they will get you pre-qaulifed that way you can go on your home search shopping spree with confidence with the controls set on cruise control. Its the paperwork and the underwriting process that takes the longest so its better to get it over with first hand.

Your lender will work and communicate with your realtor allowing the process to go smoothly with added flexability and piece of mind. Once your offer has been accepted and your in contract, youll have the keys to your new home in a short amount of time.

If you have any questions about the home buying process please submitt your questions or to get qualified please contact me Marcus Buchanan, email phone 707-636-3220 or 707-393-9120

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