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What ever happened to those mineral rights that your beautiful home sits on today?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - Article by: North Star Bank - First National Bank Southwest - Message

What ever happened to those mineral rights that your beautiful home sits on today?

In Texas there has been a magical "BOOM" of natural gas wells popping up like the crude oil derricks at the turn of 20th century. Not the ones along the bonfire from the movie blazing saddles.
Case in point one of my friends in Louisiana has been receiving three times as much monthly income as his full time job from the payout of the well in his backyard. Looking like an amusement park and loud as can be, it might just be worth the dirt. Not all places are going to have that type of return but it makes you wonder does your home have a secret safe locked down by a dwelling?

The impact of these so called energy wells on the environment can be devastating. From trucks to heavy equipment to rigs running all night, the cost of the business has a price. Do the research, ask the questions. Contact your title company and look through that closing paperwork. Typically you should have the article of ownership that explains the rights. My guess is that there is not much of a resource that you are willing to tear up unless your neighbors are participating.

Want to be a John D. Rockefeller? Want to monopolize the world of oil and set the standard, i.e. Standard Oil.

Just so you know in Texas the term "rockefeller" is not another word for anyone who turns over rocks, but a true pioneer to mineral rights, give it a whirl.


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