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Dharmesh Raheja

Why refinance your home

Monday, January 16, 2012 - Article by: Dharmesh Raheja - Financial Services - Message

Why refinance your home
There are many reasons why you may be interested in refinancing you home. The biggest reason is to save money.
Reduces Monthly Mortgage Payment
Interest rates are at lowest in last 30 years and refinancing your home will help you lower your monthly payment.Everythig is expensive these days like gas,food,cost of living and if lowering your interest rate helps you save couple of hundred dollars per month, adds up to thousands by the end of your mortgage. This not only reduces the amount paid per month, but it will reduce the overall cost owed as well.

If you have an ARM Loan (adjustable-rate mortgage), refinancing to a fixed rate mortgage will help you as interests are at lowest.
1.You'll now have the same interest rate for the life of your mortgage.
2.You'll no longer have to worry about your rate going to a higher rate.

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