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Sophia Constantinou

Expert Offers Helpful Information to Avoid Identity Theft When Travelling

Friday, January 20, 2012 - Article by: Sophia Constantinou - Lyons Mortgage Services Inc. - Message

Expert Offers Helpful Information to Avoid Identity Theft When Traveling

Identity theft is a major problem, and the risk may be highest when you are traveling. That, according to finance writer Amy Fontinelle, is because most of us travel with personal information at hand while in strange or distracting environments.

She suggests six easy and sensible ways to reduce the risk of identity theft when traveling:

1. Restrict use of public Wi-fi - Public Wi-fi networks are not secure, whether
you pay for access or not. Criminals can use a technique called Wi-Fi
sniffing to intercept data transmitted insecurely over a wireless network, so
resist the urge to log-in at airports or hotels just to kill some time.

Smartphone users can protect themselves by using their carrier's secure 3G or 4G service. Otherwise, try to
handle sensitive online business on your secure home network before you leave town.

2. Use a separate computer for travel - Laptops and netbooks are so cheap these days that you might be able to afford more than one. If you travel enough to make such a purchase worthwhile, get a new computer that you will use exclusively for travel. That way, you can limit the amount of sensitive data that goes onto it.

3. Clean out your wallet - Take along your driver's license, two credit cards, and some cash. Remove any other credit cards or health information or personal cards you will not be using on your trip--and never carry your Social Security card with you.

4. Use a money belt - Carry the bulk of your cash and valuables in a money belt or in a pouch worn around the neck. Try not to get into it in public.

5. Put deliveries on hold - Nothing advertises a vacant house more than a stack of daily newspapers or mail spilling from the mailbox. Have mail held by the post office while you are away, and stop newspaper delivery.

6. Be cautious around strangers - No need to be looking over your shoulder all the time, but be wary of strangers asking for something while a partner picks your pocket. Don't ask a stranger to watch your bag while you run to the restroom. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder if you are using a laptop or Smartphone--and be careful what you reveal in cell phone conversations.

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