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What Documents Do I Need For a Home Loan?

Friday, August 31, 2012 - Article by: Daniel - The Federal Savings Bank - Message

What Documentation Do I Need For a Home Loan?

One of the most confusing things when getting a mortgage is what type of documentation is required. While your loan officer should tell you exactly what you need to provide, when they need it, here is a general guideline of what documentation you should expect to have on hand during the steps of your new home loan:

During Pre-Approval:
1. Tax Returns (at least one year; if self-employed or commission typically 2 years)
2. W2s (last 2 years)
3. Pay Stubs (for the last 30 days with year-to-date earnings)
4. Bank Statements (last 2 months)
5. Investment Account Statements (many times not needed)
6. Copy of Your Driver's License or Photo ID

Upon Acceptance of an Offer:
1. Copy of your earnest money check
2. Sales Contract (signed and dated by all parties)
3. Updated pay stubs, and bank statements

At Closing:
1. Sales Contract (signed by Buyers and Sellers)
2. Clear Title
3. Title Insurance
4. Copy of Your Driver's License or Photo ID
5. Deed
6. HUD-1 Statement
7. Survey
8. Proof of Home Insurance (if required by lender)
9. Proof of Required Repairs
10. Documented proof that your money came from an account listed on your loan application

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