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Christopher Shearer

SBA Free Online Courses for starting a business

Friday, October 5, 2012 - Article by: Christopher Shearer - Majestic Home Loans NMLS #173946 - Message

FREE Online Courses for Starting Your Business from the SBA

Each year, more than 10 million people consider starting a business. Of them, only three million people take the plunge and start a business. It's one of the most exciting endeavors that any person can undertake.

About These Courses

Several free online courses are offered by the SBA to help prospective and existing entrepreneurs understand the basics about writing a business plan. These self-paced courses are easy to use and understand. They will take about 30 minutes to complete. You can, however, exit a course at any time. Because most of the courses offer audio explanations, it is recommended that your computer speakers be turned on.
Before entering a course, you will be prompted to complete an online registration form. The registration process is simple, asks only a couple of questions and will take less than a minute to complete.
Keyboard short cuts for online course accessibility

Available Free Courses

1.Essential Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business for Young Entrepreneurs (Transcript) (Podcast)
2.How to Prepare a Business Plan
3.Franchising Basics
4.Technology 101: A Small Business Guide
5.Native American Business Primer
6.Encore Entrepreneurs: An Introduction to Starting Your Own Business
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